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Dear Colleague

Transfer of public health to local authorities

The strategy group met on 12 April, and one of the key issues discussed was the transfer of public health teams to local authorities. While there are examples of best practice, we know many members are concerned about the transfer process. We have had reports that in some cases local authorities are not following guidance on appointing public health professionals.

How you can help

Tell us what's happening in your area. Are you clear what the process is? Let us know if it's working well or if you have concerns about the transfer process.

This information will be treated with full confidentiality – and you can contact us via email at policy@fph.org.uk or speak directly to a member of the policy team on 020 7935 3115.

Strategy group: next steps

As you may recall, the strategy group was set up after the EGM to run as a time-limited group to support FPH's strategy on the Health and Social Care Bill. Its main objectives were to:

  • Advise the Vice President, policy and advocacy department and the FPH Board on communications on the bill, secondary legislation and associated guidance.
  • Take forward FPH action in support of the Board's policy position to call for the withdrawal of the bill.
  • Prioritise and focus on the public health aspects of the bill.

The full terms of reference of the group can be found on the FPH website.

At its last meeting on 12 April, the group agreed that since the bill had reached its parliamentary conclusion, the group would meet for a final time in May to review FPH's strategy to date and capture any lessons learnt.

FPH is very grateful for all the hard work and commitment the group's members have shown in helping FPH in its advocacy work on the bill.

While the strategy group itself will cease to function, work on ensuring a safe and effective public health and NHS system will continue and will be embedded in all FPH's functions. More detail will follow on this, but we can confirm that:

  • The Health Policy and Advocacy Committee, chaired by John Middleton, will provide the strategic overview on this work and ensure that other relevant committees take the lead on work that is relevant to them.
  • The Health Services Committee, chaired by Corinne Camilleri-Ferrante, will monitor issues and concerns about the NHS aspects of the transition.
  • That a final risk assessment of the Health Act will be published on FPH's website.

A key priority for FPH is to do all we can to support you during this time of transition, as well as continue to advocate on behalf of those of you directly affected by the act's implementation, and on wider public health issues.

What you can do

If you are directly affected by the transition, let us know about any concerns you have about the implementation and how it is affecting public health in your professional or geographical area. Or share with us any other views you have about public health policy you think FPH should be campaigning on. Email policy@fph.org.uk or contact the policy team on 020 7935 3115.

Best wishes

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